Everyone has the Right to Education.


Education can change the world.


What is the Right to Education?

Education is not a privilege reserved for society’s most fortunate. Education is a fundamental human right that is formally recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a landmark agreement drafted by the United Nations in 1948. This universal tenet means that by virtue of your existence on this planet, you are entitled to an education, no matter who you are.

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The Right to Education as outlined in the UDHR requires compulsory primary education, accessible secondary education, and equitable access to post-secondary education. Unfortunately, many countries who consider themselves compliant to these standards like Canada and United States fail to provide equitable access to higher education.

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What makes the Right to Education a fundamental right?

Education is a prerequisite for any meaningful existence. Not only does education provide the groundwork for economic contribution; it paves the way for cultural contribution as well. On an individual level, education enables the fullest possible development of personality. It is a dignifying and empowering force that offers marginalized groups a chance at social mobility. In a society that’s shaped by rigid class structures, education means opportunity.

What constitutes a meaningful education?

According to the United Nations, an education can only be considered meaningful if it adheres to the 4As:

Available: There is a structured education system in place that is free and facilitated by trained educators.

Acceptable: Educational content must not promote the violation of anyone’s human rights. It must be current and culturally relevant.

Adaptable: Educational content must adapt to the current social, economic, and political climate in a given locality. It must challenge inequality and injustice.

Accessible: Education must be accessible to everyone and cannot exclude or marginalize.

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The 4 As

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Why are we essential to enforcing this basic human right?

Currently, higher education in Canada does not fulfill one of the 4As that constitute a meaningful education: accessibility. Rising tuition costs are compounded by a complex funding application process that creates barriers between potential students and the education they deserve. This inaccessibility is an affront to the basic human rights of thousands of Canadians, especially those from marginalized groups.

Right to Education makes education more accessible by creating a simpler and more equitable way to secure scholarships and bursaries. We democratize the funding application process so that everyone’s right to education is recognized.

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