What is Right to Education?

RightToEducation is a movement that rallies students and benefactors together around a common goal – to make education accessible for all. We believe that with the right tools, students have the power to lead this societal shift.

Subsidization Matters.

All Canadians should have equal access to opportunity.

Healthcare, welfare, and primary & secondary education are all institutions that the government respects and supports as a right. However, post-secondary education is largely ignored, limiting opportunities for thousands of Canadians. Universities and colleges are subsidized by the government, but these subsidies only go so far. Tuition costs have skyrocketed in recent years resulting in $28 billion in student debt - $5 billion more than the GDP of Botswana. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Canada should not be experiencing a student debt crisis of this magnitude.

While there are millions of dollars in non-repayable funding opportunities available, accessing these opportunities is nearly impossible for students that need them most. Marginalized and low-income students are forced to work while studying to make ends meet. They don’t have the time that’s needed to search for funding and navigate through pages of eligibility criteria for a scholarship, bursary, or grant.

To make matters worse, the application process is daunting, especially for students experiencing more personal issues than the average student. These forces compound each other and cause otherwise able students to fall through the cracks.

You Can Help Eliminate Barriers to Education

You may not directly require our service, but thousands of students do. Supporting our movement and helping people receive an education isn’t just Canadian – it’s the right thing to do.

Help subsidize services for those who need them and take part in revolutionizing the Canadian education system.


Aren’t there other services like this for free?
There are no other platforms that offer the same or similar quality of service for free. Unlike other free matching services, we’re more effective at finding unique opportunities for students and won’t sell your information.

Here’s what sets RightToEducation apart from other free services:

● 1-on-1 application assistance & guidance
● Opportunities such as internships, start-up and charity grants
● Advocating for students’ right to education
● Creation of endowment funds for guaranteed scholarships

How does our organization use the funds?

All funds are reinvested back into achieving our mission. This could mean increasing our endowment contribution, improving the software, or increasing our efforts to connect with large donors.

We believe that the only way to truly achieve our mission is by being agile in today’s ever-changing technological environment, so funds are used toward improving our system for the students that need it. Additionally, all employees are compensated no more than 5% above the Canadian average income.

Why are we working with StudentSupport.ca and why not hire students to create the software instead?

RightToEducation has decided to leverage the proven and reliable systems from StudentSupport to provide an affordable and effective solution for all. StudentSupport will integrate the platform into our website solely for UBC students.

Customer support, application specialists, and donor outreach is the responsibility of RightToEducation.

Can students opt-out?
Yes. As an organization, we respect people’s different circumstances and opinions, so we give students the opportunity to opt-out and receive a full reimbursement if they wish.

What if students who want to opt out forget to do so?
Students will be reminded of opt-out dates and processes via email.

Will RightToEducation benefit from students not opting out?
No. The purpose of our platform is to enable any and all students to access the service at an affordable rate. The more people who use the program, the more donors will work with us, and the more students we can help.

Why can’t it be an opt-in service?  
Building a scalable platform that services the entire student body requires significant fixed costs. To make it affordable for everyone, we need as many students involved as possible to subsidize the service.

An opt-in model would make it difficult for us to cover the operational costs that make the platform so effective, like hiring developers, application specialists, and database managers.
Why subsidization is important (example)

The more students that are involved, the lower the cost is for everyone – including those that need the service most. For example, imagine the operational and service costs were $200,000:

If 1,000/45,000 students opted-in, each student would pay $200.

If 5,000/45,000 students opted-out it would cost just $5 per student who remained opted-in.

The cost of an opt-out service is 40x lower than an opt-in service in this scenario

Where do the funds go?

These expenses are estimates and are subject to change.

Application Assistance
Investing in application assistance allows us to provide students with guidance and support throughout the complicated funding application process. We’re here to edit application essays, answer questions, and provide tips for crafting powerful applications.

Two full-time application editors will be paid $30,000 each (including CPP and other government fees, this totals approximately $78,000). This will allow us to edit 70 applications weekly, allotting for one hour per person in a seven-hour weekday.

Scholarship Endowment
We are continually growing an endowment fund available to UBC students. This contribution will vary annually based on fluctuations in expense projections but will have an annual target contribution of $20,000

Student Engagement
Promoting RightToEducation is essential to our success. To ensure continued student adoption and engagement, $15,000 will be invested in marketing efforts such as student ambassadors, content curation, social media marketing, and events around campus to raise awareness about the program

Donor Recruitment
A full-time employee will be responsible for finding and acquiring new large-scale donors to help us grow our endowment fund of $150,000. This individual will be responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships, growing a team of dedicated students, and organizing alumni fundraising efforts with a goal of achieving $1,000,000 in donations annually. They will be paid $31,000 (including CPP and other government fees, this totals approximately $40,000).

Campus Managers
The leader of RightToEducation at UBC will be in charge of ensuring that organizational goals are met by documenting organizational processes and working with employees to improve these processes. They will be managing the distribution of resources including employee compensation, accounting, maintaining legal

Software Development
We’re outsourcing our software to StudentSupport, an enterprise software company with proven experience in providing solutions for academic institutions. Their team will be instrumental in helping us prepare and maintain the opportunity management software

Post-Referendum Timelines

April - May: Contract negotiation
RightToEducation will provide a service agreement to the student association/union that will stipulate the logistics for the opt-out process, fee collection and key performance indicators to ensure the success of the program.

June: Finalize Contracts
Once a contract has been signed with the student association/union, RightToEducation will agree with the quote to build the product with deferred compensation until fees have been processed by the student association/union. StudentSupport has agreed to defer compensation until UBC processes fees in an effort to support our cause

July: Software tests begin
A short testing period will ensure that the university’s integrations and customizations work flawlessly. Because this is a white label solution, extensive testing isn’t necessary. StudentSupport will then resolve any issues using the data we collect.

August: Hire student employees
Our donor recruiter and application specialists will be hired in preparation for the school year. These employees will be trained during the month of August to ensure they can hit the ground running in September.

September: Full-Service Rollout, Opt-Out Period Begins, Promotion
The software and application support will be accessible to every student within the student association/union. At this point, the opt-out period will begin.

We’ll begin actively recruiting new donors and work with campus organizations to promote the service to students.